Friday, April 30, 2010

"Only thing we have to fear is fear itself"

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" ~~FDR.

This is the motto that I am going by as I write this. I find that I am not normally one to live by this motto. I fear fear. I do not like the unknown. Additionally, I do not like not being in control of situations especially when it deals with my family. As we (Paul and I) look into the future we realize that change is needed to have the life that we want for ourselves and our family. For me, change = fear.

I want to leave a lasting impression for my children that 'more is not better'. I feel so many of our generation live by the motto 'more IS better'. I know we have! I find that we are the 'gimme generation'. We feel that we deserve things and expect things just to happen. This is not how our parents and grandparents lived. They worked hard and saved and then enjoyed the fruits of their labor. We just enjoy the fruits of our labor and sometimes that makes things too tight. I fear that there are more people who live this lifestyle than not.

The problem with changing to the less is better philosophy is that everyone automatically jumps to conclusions that times are bad for you. That is not the case, we just want more out of life so we feel the need for a change.

Now the questions is how to implement this belief? Which luxuries do we give up and how hard will this be? How do we cut corners on groceries, fuel, and miscellaneous purchases? I keep thinking that if we keep looking and what we are currently doing, a light bulb will turn on in my head signaling what we should be doing. It hasn't happened yet, but hopefully it will. While I fear this change, I find myself fascinated and excited with the prospect.

hhhmmm.....this should be interesting...

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  1. What a great post, Shanna! I couldn't agree more. Since Parker has entered K I feel he expects so much more. He has encountered more friends who have everything. Nothing is off limits. We are trying to find that nice balance as well.