Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better Eating = Better Life?

Ok. So Matt is a handful! We have tried EVERYTHING to settle him down. Alas, we have come up with nothing! I started researching hyperactivity in children and how to curb it. I was directed, of course, to ADHD websites. Now, I do believe that there are many kids with this disorder, but I also think that it is over diagnosed. From my research, I am finding diet has a lot do do with "Hyperactivity". The processed foods and dyes are not very good for us~SURPRISE!!! I looked at the "warning signs" for ADHD and the only one that Matt exhibits right now is hyperactivity. So maybe it is are what you eat?! what...While I am relieved that it appears he does not fall into that category, I am still at a loss. My plan is to start weeing ALL of us off of MOST of processed food~not going crazy but making a big change.  Ok, at first it didn't seem hard. Then it seemed impossible! If anyone has seen a school lunch menu, you have probably see your fair share of overly processed food on it. Now, I not only have to think about breakfast and dinner, but lunch also.  I have realized that I am not a millionaire so we do have to eat up the bad food in the house...hurt me! ;)  I have been slowly compiling recipes for homemade lunchables and better alternatives for snacks and breakfasts. I have also been slowly making healthier changes during grocery shopping.

Here is what I have found so far....Eating healthy = VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!! So, I am picking and choosing right now the best natural, whole foods, organics, ect bang for the buck. Also, I am challenging myself to buy only what is on my shopping list. This is hard due to the fact that I ALWAYS forget something! Tomorrow will be the test...Wish me luck! :) Happy Eating Everyone.