Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With every good thing and every bad thing that comes into our lives, we must learn from it. Whether it is a relationship, a hardship, or a windfall of good fortune, there is always a lesson to take from it.

With the passing of my grandmother, I have learned many lessons. Some about myself and some about others. My Grandmother was a wonderful woman and I am so sorry that I did not realize it sooner, but I will cherish the time we spent together ~ especially in her final days. She was amazing and I learned from her all the way until the end. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t have been easier had she never come to my mom’s house because I feel so slighted in the little time that we had, but I would never change the time we did have for anything.

I entered into a new phase of being a real grown-up. While I may not have grandparents left on earth, I am blessed with the many memories of all of them through out the years. I learned the value of living in the moment and being thankful for what and who I have in life.

I find that even if a relationship runs its course, there is good to be taken from it. Whether you learn something about yourself or you learn about another. Sometimes the lessons are good, sometimes bad, and sometimes ~ just are. I have found that the ‘just are’s’ are fine too ~ things don’t have to be good or bad.

As people, we grow and mature. We choose the direction that we head in life, even if those roads lead us away from people that we never thought we would part from. This can be a good thing. This is what helps us grow. While good memories will never be forgotten, bad ones will eventually fade if patience is given its chance to heal. This doesn’t mean we stop loving or caring for those people, it just takes on a different form.

I have learned that I am truly happy with myself and how I have grown as a person. I am flawed and realize the challenge to always better myself. I like who I see in the mirror at night. I love my husband, children, family, and God. I am fiercely protective of my family and them of me. I have great friends who are there to help catch me when I fall or remind me and challenge me to be a better person. I have a great life. Thank you to all of you who make it better with each passing day.