Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Livin'


Swimming: 5% Swimming. 95% just doing flips and handstands in the water

Wow! It is already mid-July...How did that happen?!?! We have been nonstop busy since before school let out. 

Softball~Team NBOH

We have played our Softball and T-ball games in June. We had great teams, coaches, kiddos, and parents for BOTH teams. 

Matt~Lil' true!

While I do miss the ball games, I am so thankful that we have the freedom for the month of July to do pretty much what we want. 

With that being said, we were able to pack our fair share of fun into June as well...

Such as tubing, Jet Skiing, Boating, playing in the water, and digging to China in the sand. Honestly, as a kiddo, what could be better?!?!

 Oh, let's not forget that we have had a lot of great ice cream from our all-time favorite store Barnside Creamery~if you haven't yet tried it then you are totally missing out!!

Not that the beginning of July should be outdone by any means...

We stayed overnight on Papa's "Big Boat" for the first time ever over the 4th of July holiday where we anchored out at Kelleys Island. We had tons of fun! (by the way, the kids were WONDERFUL!!!) 
Yup...Cole bustin' a move at his beach party!

We even squeezed in my nephew (and God baby's) 16th birthday party. Wait, did I say that right, yes, I did~wow~I feel really old now!! :)

Even though this all may seem fun, I do believe that the first half of summer has plum-tuckered out my little man.

While we have had a busy first half Summer '12, it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. I am so thankful for the memories we have made and the time we all have spent together as a family. Here's to the rest of summer!!  I hope you all are having a great Summer '12 also!!