Friday, September 10, 2010

Price of a Mommy

I was called by the injury rep from the insurance company earlier and it got me thinking...

Injury rep: "Do you work? How much time are you having to take off?"
Me: "Not outside of the house but as a stay at home mom, it is my job to cook, clean, laundry, and take care of my children."

Now my question to any other mommies out there~working or not~how do we put a price on what we do? Here is a list of the things that I have had troubles with (and still have) since the accident due to the soreness in my ribs and back and bum hand:
~Cleaning~oh my please don't come over anyone!!
~Laundry~it's clean but not folded and/or put away
~Cooking~being so busy and tired I have only cooked one decent meal
~Clutter~it is overwhelming!!!
Most important~
~Picking up/Lifting/Carrying my children. This is the one that I have most issues with~Matt is still 3 and loves to be cuddled. This truly does not have a price tag!!

So other than the uncomfortableness, soreness, extra running for an already busy mommy how do I put a price on my "pain and suffering"? Somethings don't have a price tag.